A Quick Guide To The Best Organizational Diversity Practices

15 October 2015
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When it comes to promoting workplace, institutional and organizational diversity, it is important to take the issue seriously. Never get caught up in the mere rhetoric of diversity, multiculturalism and inclusion, without taking corresponding actions.

With so many different cultures, ethnicities and religions in this country, uniting a company, school or club behind a common goal is not always easy.

Here are three steps to succeed at promoting diversity and recruiting candidates from a diverse pool.

Respect Agency

"Agency" here refers not to a business, but to the idea that all people have the ability to take action and control their destinies.

It is important for diversity coordinators to never think of minorities as mere victims. Their inclusion in the organization is a manifestation of the value they add.

Much mainstream media portrays minorities as victims. Movies, television shows and news articles tend to focus on the negative past and problematic present of certain demographics. It is thus tempting to view incoming minority recruits in this light. Doing so can be a mistake.

An individual might take generalizations about their background as a sign of disrespect. The better course of action is to accept each person as a unique individual. This attitude will become prevalent throughout the organization, leading to an overall positive atmosphere.

Respect Cultures

Likewise, it is incumbent upon anyone concerned about diversity to respect all cultures. One way to demonstrate compassion for minority cultures is to treat them as normal. Include certain non-traditional holidays and religious celebrations into the group agenda.

Always remember that, in the United States, there is no dominant culture. True, this country has a mainstream and professional culture, which allows everyone to coexist in public places. Yet, it is the job of those who care about diversity to show respect for as many belief systems as possible. People feel more comfortable when they know they belong.

Respect All Groups

Being honest about diversity means being accepting of others. Respecting a particular group, perhaps one viewed by the mainstream society as a model for all other minorities, while holding a certain disdain for members of another background, can pose problems. Before long word will spread that the organization is not friendly towards certain types of people.

Begin Promoting the Best Practices in Diversity Recruiting

Recruiting and retaining quality people in a multicultural society depends on instituting the best diversity practices. Use the principles discussed above to get on the right path toward creating the kind of environment in which all feel welcome. For more information and advice, contact a company like DiversityInc Best Practices